About Great Project

Who are we ?

First of all, we are regular citizens and we do not belong to any political party.

Furthermore, we believe that money is useless and even contrary to a better world.

Moreover, a sharing society would put an end to our deepest problems, from our daily life to the preservation of the Planet

Would it create new ones? Certainly not.

For MOCICA, we see only solutions.

Jean Philippe :

“Dans une situation de crise je m’impose 2 règles :
First, analyse all options.
Then, do not dismiss any of them on the basis of preconceptions.
Yet, of all of them, removing the money seemed the craziest at first, and the most unavoidable in the end.
In fact, my approach was not to find a way out.
But the in-depth analysis of this option revealed an action plan that I believe is equal to all the challenges of our time.”

Jean Philippe HUBER, founder of the MOCICA.
Hugo :

“First of all, I don’t know how to say that this project makes sense. Indeed, to free oneself from the excesses of money, from the mental weight that it represents and to solve many problems of today’s society, just by adhering to the project… In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve had so much for so little.

Moreover, once the questions that seem to block the way to a world without money have been cleared away, we discover a universe rich in new possibilities, for the well-being of all.

Finally, contributing to co-creation is very stimulating. “

Hugo, Co-organiser.
Jean Baptiste :

“When my brother JP first told me about his Mocica project, he didn’t need to argue. In fact, I agreed straight away, it seemed obvious to me! And it was good timing, because he also needed a computer specialist.

Jean Baptiste, Webmaster.
Mika :

“I decided to join MOCICA because today we are reaching the limit of all our existential systems, and the effects of our actions are putting humanity at risk. Moreover, it is essential for me to move from a humanity of having to a humanity of being. In fact, this is the challenge we are facing, and MOCICA allows us to respond in a very pragmatic way to this shift in consciousness.”

Mika, Communication consultant.
Stéphanie :

“This project has given me hope. I have absolute certainty that together we could change, stop being slaves to a crushing system. Now I can see the light in a tunnel that was previously dark.”

Stéphanie, Translator.
Sonia :

“First of all, the market relationship, whatever its modalities (use of a currency, barter, local exchange system, universal exchange garden, etc.), inevitably has a deleterious effect on the fairness of what I give and receive.
Inappropriate to the health of the living and, moreover, based on blackmail and merit for a living, it is clearly a killjoy!
A human construction, it is questionable and revocable.
To conclude, I contribute to MOCICA, to find a remedy against this calamity.

Sonia, membership relations.