Changing the World: The Great Project.

The Grand Project proposes a society model that would solve most of today’s problems by eliminating money.

Money is the cause of too many abuses (see Findings). And whether they are ecological, economic, social or human, they are no longer acceptable. This is why the MOCICA Great Project proposes to move to a better world, without money. Find out more about the Major Project below…

Contents :

The Great Project, in brief :

First, here are the key points that support the idea that a cashless organisation can save the world. Indeed, these form the basis of the Great Project. They relate to the areas: Environment / Economy / Politics / Social / Human. Finally, you will find many answers to your questions in: F.A.Q. and more information on these subjects in: Files

Économy :

Firstly, an economic system without money protects against financial crises, bankruptcy, redundancies, etc.
In addition, it would enable qualitative, sustainable productivity and free us from a huge workload.
Furthermore, moving away from competitiveness and compulsory profit will facilitate flexibility, automation and collaboration.