Notes :

The elements presented below are set up by default to allow assemblies to organise themselves. They can be modified, adapted and evolved according to the choices of the inhabitants.

Contents :

Is the Global Democratic Organisation political?

The Grand Projet does not fit into traditional political movements.

On the other hand, the Global Democratic Organisation, which will allow the people to take decisions, has a proven political character. Indeed, it even has the ambition to federate the majority of humanity and encourages, as its name indicates, the transition to a Global Democratic Organisation. Inspired by the principles of Sociocracy and Democracy, which draws from each of them the elements necessary for common sense to organise itself while leaving the choice to the people to make proposals and changes. It is not a political party but a new form of shared governance.
The particularity of this type of organisation is that it is built in networks and without leaders. Decisions are taken by consent-seeking assemblies or, failing that, by vote of the inhabitants.

Why work in assemblies?

The assemblies of the Global Democratic Organisation (G.D.O.) allow :
1) to propose an alternative to the classic pyramidal mode of governance consisting of
a more or less formal combination of majority votes and decisions
2) to promote the implementation of participatory and direct democratic processes in the
in which initiative and power are fairly distributed.
3) todevelop spaces for cooperation and collaboration rather than spaces
dominated by competition.
4) to encourage listening, dialogue and creativity.
5) to co-construct decisions and projects through processes aimed at
développement de l’intelligence collective.