Take action.

Would you like to take action?
This page will help you to do this gradually.

A non-market organization frees us from our boundaries while offering us solutions…

Assemblies in video (4mns)

How to talk about the Great Project ?

We invite all members and assemblies to communicate the MOCICA project by all means at their disposal:

  • Write to your neighbours
  • Put up posters
  • Create videos
  • Organize conferences
  • Events
  • Free markets
  • Hand out flyers (see further down)
  • Write songs
  • By blog
  • On social networks
  • Contact media
  • Organize meetings and exchanges
  • Etc.

Each new member is a new ambassador. Together, let’s create a snowball effect.

Write to your neighbours :

Nothing better than a short letter to the inhabitants of your neighbourhood to invite them to create an assembly.
For example:

“Dear neighbours,
I am a member of MOCICA, which develops mutual aid and free services. This Movement has 3 goals that may interest you:

– Reducing our purchases and our environmental impact
– Organizing ourselves effectively in the event of a major financial crisis
– Getting out of capitalism

If you are interested I will be happy to talk to you about this wonderful project over a drink.
My number:

Organize a debate :

Here’s an example of a debate and its visual support established by Lyon’s assembly.

.pdf version :

Debate meetings.pdf

Editable version online on Canva :Debate-meetings

Visual supports

Triptych flyer (A4)

3 visual supports for leaflets (to be folded in 3)