Economy / Resources / Energy

What are the problems of our exchange society in the economy, resources, energy?

This sector is undoubtedly the one that most urgently needs the advent of a sharing society to resolve the crises it is experiencing.

There are 3 major issues of concern to people at the moment:

  • The crisis of the economy :

    Financial inequality is at an all-time high against the backdrop of a major economic crisis. We are touching on the consequences of inheritance, which in the long term leads to a concentration of money in the hands of the same people (inheritance + capital = funnel system). The richest 1% have twice the wealth of 6.9 billion people.
    On the other hand, the economic war that countries are waging on each other encourages them to produce more and more GDP to maintain the economic model and remain competitive.
    This gives rise to all this over-consumption, advertising, environmental destruction and resource depletion.

  • The energy crisis :

    Economists and politicians are counting on green growth and innovation to get us out of the impasse in humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels. How can we believe in a solution that is completely at odds with or even opposed to environmental logic? Green growth always means producing more! However, production is completely correlated with people’s energy needs. When one increases, so does the other.

  • The resource crisis :

    Humanity is increasingly increasing its production capacity. These are now reaching a potential that threatens our ecosystem and therefore the future of humanity. The frenzy of our consumption driven by the market dynamics leads to an excessive consumption of our resources.