IT / Digital

What are the problems of our computer and digital trading society?

The impact of digital technology on the environment is around 7% of global electricity production. Here again, the market system is at work through an ever-increasing quest to make us consume more and more digital content.

Programmed obsolescence, marketing campaigns, frequent innovations and the creation of artificial needs
will soon exhaust the stock of rare earths needed for their production.

We even come to offer our children from birth, toys that look like tablets, phones or other connected objects to get them hooked from a young age. However, scientific studies have formally shown the harmful effects of screens on the development of the brain before the end of its growth.

What about high-frequency trading or bitcoins, which use as much electrical energy as Sweden or Switzerland.

What are the benefits of a sharing society in IT and Digital?

Freed from the constraints of money,the sector will be free to focus on useful needs and will no longer try to get us addicted by any means.

The impact on energy saving and the environment will be considerable. “Digital technology brings us closer to people who are far away but takes us away from people who are close.

A sharing society will make it possible, through the moderate use of digital technology, to balance this expression.

l'informatique et le numérique dans le grand projet du mocica