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United and Free

Global Democratic Organisation in 5 assembly levels.

How will we organise ourselves? The GDO (Global Democratic Organisation) allows each individual to take part in decisions which concern them.

The choices which everyone must make could concern local deacons as well as a more vast community.

If the habitants of one town should not interfere with the choices of another, everyone must agree in an equal manner on decisions concerning Humanity. This is why it is necessary to define different levels of assemblies.

Mocica proposes, for our future in a free world, the putting in place of a Global Democratic Organisation, or GDO.

The first level of the assembly is the neighbourhood zone. This corresponds to an area of a village or town.

The second level of the assembly is the living zone. This corresponds to a village or a town.

The third level of the assembly is the resources zone. This corresponds to a territory including living zones dependant on it for food resources.

The fourth level of the assembly is the cultural zone. This corresponds to a community of the same cultural origin, which today corresponds to nations.

The fifth level of the assembly is the planetary zone.

The GDO5 starts with level 1: the neighbourhood zone. Once assembled, the inhabitants of the same area debate on the running of this area. A designated representative will join his/her counterpart from other neighbourhood zones to form the second level of the assembly, level 2: The town or village assembly.

This assembly will ensure the coordination and cooperation between different neighbourhoods: will debate different ecological and social initiatives proposed by the assemblies of level 1, and will ensure the coordination between them. Members of assembly level 2 will assign a representative who will join his/her counterparts to join the resources zone.

This assembly at level 3 will debate the upkeep of their resource zone (countrysides, natural and historic heritage sites, roads and railways). The assembly will debate the repartition of roles for harnessing resources, transport and distribution of the land's resources to communities.

The assemblies of resource zones will designate a representative who will join his/her counterpart in the cultural zone. Assembly level 4 should ensure the coordination between represented resource zones, ensure ecological and social optimisation throughout the territory. They will look to develop cooperation and understanding between different cultural zones throughout the world.

Finally, all of the representatives of cultural zones will regroup at assembly level 5, which represents our civilisation. This will aim to ensure agreement between subjacent assemblies, propose and apply measures to ensure peace throughout the world, clean and protect our Planet, put in place a voting system for important choices, create universal laws of protection of freedom of individuals, maintain general balance and put in place humanitarian and if necessary, military actions.

The assemblies of level 2, 3, 4 and 5 cannot make decisions without the democratic agreement of the inhabitants who they represent.

Without a leader, the GDO5 allows everyone to propose initiatives, take part in all decisions which concern them and to vote equally.

GDO5 can be added or removed from assembly levels according to choices and needs, as well as disappearing if it proves useless or less suitable than another democratic system of organization in the Free World.

The GDO5 is not complete or static, but is supple, adaptable and flexible.

It allows for the putting in place of all types of democratic organisations in the heart of communities, depending on the choices of its members.

It serves as a model of organisation, which invites all other models of democracy. Its goal is to create a link and harmony between a multitude of diverse assemblies, each one of which corresponds to the image of the community it represents.

This base which we suggest, allows all assemblies and all cultures to have their own way of working, and to avoid tension and barriers.

The GDO5 can already begin, from today, and little by little can measure the progress of Mocica. To do this, lets start by uniting in our neighbourhoods and talking about the future.