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United and Free

Movement towards an aware and autonomous civilisation.

The Mocica project is a movement which proposes, in three steps, the passage to a model of society without money, managed by a global democratic organisation (GDO5)

How does a world without money work? By the free provision of your vocation to the community.

In place of an instantaneous return and the equivalent of money, everyone will obtain an eventual return on their services, multiplied by the whole community.

In a fair world, the least exciting tasks are the responsibility of everyone. Through our common knowledge and the amount of human beings, an effective organisation, with little constraint for individuals could be put in place.

Project Mocica proposes this change in three steps.

Step 1: Rally/Coming Together

Adhesion as a member of the project, signs approval to follow it.

Every member works to communicate the project around him/her.

We wil move on to the next step once a massive planetary agreement is decided.

Step 2: The transition

We will continue our jobs, but without using a means of payment.

We keep the necessary wheels turning in order to ensure the working of our society.

To disappear:

We will move on to the next step once a massive agreement has been reached.

Step 3: Organisation

We will continue to turn the basic mechanisms of society.

We will exchange ideas, initiatives and competences for the general good.

We will adapt to the most difficult changes in jobs.

We will support and prioritise help in zones which are in most difficult.

For the general organisation, we propose a Global Democratic Organisation with five levels of assembly (GDO5). This will allow everyone to participate in decisions which concern them, at different levels, at a local level (for example, a town) or a more global level (for example: choices concerning humanity or the Planet).